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Welcome to Apex! 

Here at Apex, we believe every child has their own unique path to success. By using principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis and offering personalized and engaging services we take into consideration the individual needs and motivation of your child and guide them on their distinctive path to success. 


The principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis is the basis for all our services.


Every child's path to success is unique. We make sure our teaching strategies are tailored to the unique needs of your child.


We believe in a standard of excellence across all our services to ensure we provide the best for your child.


 1-to-1 ABA and IBI therapy in virtual and in-person settings.

BCBA Supervision is offered both in person and virtually.

Ad hoc family training services to help work on goals outside of scheduled sessions.

Virtual and in-person ABA-based tutoring for learners from SK to Grade 12.