ABA Services

In addition to virtual services, we offer individualized behavioural services at home, school, and community settings for individuals of all ages. Our teaching strategies are based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and address the student's needs in various domains, such as communication, school readiness, language development, self-help, reduction of self-injurious behaviours, etc. All of the teaching strategies are developed and overseen by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and implemented on a one-to-one basis by an Instructor Therapist or Registered Behaviour Technician.

What is the ABA process?

Step 1. Assessment

  • Meeting with the BCBA to discuss the student's skills, challenges, goals, interests, and learning history.

  • Observations of, and direct interactions, with the learn to inform plan development.

Step 2. Behaviour Plan Development

  • Outline student’s short-term learning objectives (e.g., language development, academics, toileting, play skills, etc.)

  • Identify events that surround challenging behaviours to determine why they occur.

  • Develop teaching strategies to enhance the student’s target skills.

  • Recommend service options.

Step 3. Plan Implementation

  • Prescribed strategies related to short-term learning objectives implemented by an Instructor Therapist, under the supervision of a BCBA.

  • Rigorous progress tracking and monitoring of the student’s performance.

  • Evaluate the efficacy of teaching strategies and revise when needed.


Supervision is offered for therapists, in and outside of Apex, accruing hours for RBT, BCaBA, or BCBA certification. Direct and indirect hours must be devoted to performing behaviour analytic duties, outlined below:

  • Conducting assessments, including ABBLS, VB-MAPP, PEAK, functional assessments, and various preference assessments.

  • Behaviour plan development based on assessment results.

  • Developing individualized and evidence-based programs to improve clients’ quality of life.

  • Graphing, monitoring, and analyzing clients’ progress, and providing revisions when necessary.

  • Providing ongoing training and supervision for team members and clients’ significant others on the implementation of behaviour-analytic strategies.

  • Participating in, scheduling, and leading team meetings.

  • Collaborating and consulting with the family and various professionals (e.g., OT, SLPs, teachers, EAs, clinical psychologists, etc.).

HOME training

You don’t need to be a certified therapist to use ABA strategies! Our team offers ad hoc family training options to ensure that your kids are constantly working towards their goals outside of scheduled sessions. Areas of focus during training include, but are not limited to:

  • Behaviour management

  • Improving your child’s language and communication

  • Tracking your child’s progress

  • Capturing natural teaching opportunities


Coming Soon.


Homework troubles? Having difficulties getting your child to stay attentive during study time? We offer private tutoring sessions for all students from SK to grade 12 in Math, Science, English, and French. Goals will be based on the Ontario Ministry of Education’s curriculum and the student's specific needs. Our tutoring team will assess your child's academic level and create individualized lesson plans to give them the academic boosts to ensure they are on a successful academic path. We are committed to creating an engaging learning environment that motivates your child to reach their academic potential.

Students receiving OAP funding are also eligible to apply!